This question is a whole lot easier to answer than ‘Why Ethiopia?’  When it comes down to it, in both cases, it is simply because this is where God directed us.  But with China, we have history!

Jesse taught in Beijing 2003-2005, and I joined him for the 2004-2005 school year.  We loved our time in China, and have been longing to go back.  I think if we had met the requirements 4 years ago, China would have been our first adoption.  But God, in his sovereignty, had some sons for us that we couldn’t find in China, so He sent us to Ethiopia first!  Truth be told, we never thought we’d be adopting from China because of its requirements.  Here’s how it happened.

In May 2010, we were due to have our final meeting with our social worker for post placement reports for the boys.  Though we weren’t really ready to bring home more kiddos at that point, but given the time it takes to complete an adoption, we decided to go ahead and start the process.  We had researched our options, and really wanted to go to either Asia or Latin America for our daughter (which eventually became daughters), but every agency I spoke with expressed some concern about their programs in those parts of the world.  Many had not seen movement in months, and some refused to accept new applications until they had completed the adoptions of families already in the programs.

This led us back to Africa.  We decided on Rwanda because it was still a one-trip country, it was reporting a reasonable wait time, we could adopt independently without an agency, and there seemed to be a terrific need.  Pursuing this program was a roller coaster ride at times (Check out posts from August 2010), but overall felt more like a raft stuck in an eddy.  We truly feel that we were meant to be part of this program, even though after 21 months we left it without any daughters.

But at just the time when our Rwandan journey came to an end, God opened a new door.  This time to China, and to a specific, breathtaking little girl whom we hope to make our daughter.  And so, just two weeks after my 30th birthday (which milestone meant we were finally eligible to adopt from China), we began to put together the dossier and applications necessary to bring baby Glory home. After finally completing the dossier and shipping it off to China, we received a Log In Date of July 17, 2012.  On July 23, 2012, our 8th anniversary, we were matched with precious Saige.

By God’s grace, we’ll have both these little ones home with us in November or December 2012.  We’re praying for His perfect timing in making these little girls our own.


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