Our desire to adopt is rather recent. We did not grow up dreaming of adopting, but we see how God prepared us for it nonetheless. He developed within us a deep interest in the cultures of other peoples, and allowed us time to live and serve abroad. Simultaneously, He ignited an ever-increasing passion to reach youth for Christ. We are committed to pointing kids to our God. We love to be there when they first trust Him, and to help guide them as they learn to walk with Him. That is our heart, and we live it out daily through involvement in our church’s youth ministry.

After trying to have a baby for several years, God opened our hearts to adoption.

Neither of us knew much about adoption, except that international adoption was expensive. We looked at domestic adoption first, but were disinclined to pursue it because of the emphasis on the adoptive parents “tracking down” a birthmother, and then selling themselves to “win” the baby. I knew that if I were searching for a birthmother, that I would be consumed, trying to speed up the process by my own power. It would be the focus of my life, and I knew that would not honor God. So, we turned our attention to international adoption. We looked at the country qualifications, the processes, the ages of children available, and at the cost. But we still were unsure if international adoption would be right for us.

About that time, we heard from a friend about a girl that was looking for a Christian family to adopt her baby. We were very excited, thinking that maybe this was the child God had for us. We told our friend that we were interested, and an agency called to do a preliminary phone interview. As a result of that interview, the birth mother decided not to meet us. We were disappointed, but not crushed. I think God used that little snag to push us over the edge. We committed right away to international adoption.


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