During our adoption process, our answer to this question was always, “Yes!  But God’s grace is sufficient.”  Now our response always bears the flavor, ” Are you kidding?  This is great!  In fact, if you’re going to adopt, go for two!”  We do rely heavily on God’s grace and provision, but we are so, so thankful that He moved in our hearts to “go for two!”

We requested two little Ethiopian boys under two, with at least 9 months between them (unless they were twins) so that they could be in different school grades. Our boys are 15 months apart, from two different regions, two different languages, two different religious backgrounds… yet today they are brothers!

We chose boys because everything we read about international adoption is that families usually prefer girls, and that boys are left in orphanages. Plus, we like boys. Jesse grew up with a brother just 17 months older than him, and loved the experience. I have a younger brother, and most of my cousins were boys. Hanging out with middle school boys is one of the delights of our life. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of training boys to know and love the Lord, and to be the spiritual leaders in their homes. We opted for two because we understand that life is not necessarily going to be easy for a little black boy being raised by white parents. There are going to be some challenges, and we believe that our sons will be able to help each other through those hard times in ways that we cannot.

Ultimately, we’d like to grow a multicultural family. God willing, we will adopt from other countries after we’ve had a chance to settle in with our Ethiopian sons. We believe that having a family with different races and cultures represented will present an accurate picture of God’s grace in our lives, and provide us with a platform for sharing the gospel.


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  1. Two people who have taken on a Jr. High and High School Youth Group should not be asked, “Are you crazy?” when they announce that they are adopting two boys under the age of two. You can handle it, just like you do the youth, by the grace of God Almighty!

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