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First Day of School


And, we’re back!  I have determined it is much easier to blog about children you don’t have yet but desire terribly, than it is to blog about the ones you have and must clothe and feed daily 🙂  That being said, I’m overjoyed to be on the “busy doing” end of the spectrum where time and energy to blog are diminished, but the laughs and messes and kisses virtually wipe out all memory of the “busy waiting” phase.

Anyway, Glory had her first day of school!  But this statement requires explanation.  In December Saige started talking to Miss Betsy, our developmental therapist, a skill she had been hiding from Betsy for months.  This led to Saige being dismissed from First Steps developmental therapy.  Shortly thereafter, she met all the goals set for her by Miss Kendra, the physical therapist, which meant she was done with PT as well!  Betsy and Kendra continued to come provide therapy for Glory up until the week before her birthday, February 24, at which point Glory aged out of First Step services.

In order to receive speech and physical therapy, Glory now attends the school system’s developmental preschool which by God’s grace is housed at the elementary school that Emet attends.  She is enrolled in the afternoon class, which is from 11:40am to 2:30pm Monday through Thursday.  Jamin has been attending Little Seeds Preschool, which is not far away, but begins at 11:45am and ends at 2:15pm, MWF.  So, we made the difficult decision to move him to Parkside as well for the remainder of Pre-K.  This means that on M-Th, Parkside has 3 Magnuson kids, and I only have 1!  It is so weird.

Both Jamin and Glory started at their new school last Monday, on Glory’s 3rd birthday.  Glory loves going to school, and is wasted by the time I get her home.  She tries telling me a little about it, but it is difficult to understand when I don’t have much context to go on.  Jamin seems to like his new class alright.  He misses his friends at Little Seeds, and sent them a letter last week.  He isn’t talking about any friends in particular, but he loved the dental unit they did last week and came home with some cute crafts.

For me, this new system is working out well.  Saige gets to talk to me all she wants and more 😛  She wants to know when she gets to go to school, but is content to do the grocery shopping alone with Mommy.  Hopefully we’ll get used to these changes soon and incorporate some play dates into our schedule!


K is for Kindergarten


It has happened!  We have a kindergartner in the family!  Emet has been so excited to begin kindergarten, summer just couldn’t go fast enough.  We’re proud of him, and I’m looking forward to picking him up in an hour and hearing all about his first day 🙂

DSCN3939 DSCN3940

A week of firsts and lasts


Over the past week we celebrated some firsts and some lasts.

Emet and Jamin had their last days of preschool last week.  For Emet, it was the last of his ‘career!’  This fall Emet will enter the realm of public school as a kindergartner, while Jamin will return to Little Seeds for pre-K.  Here is Emet on his last day with his teacher, Connie Radovanovic.


Our firsts included the starts of the girls’ developmental and physical therapy sessions, which went well.  Therapy sessions are held in our home, which is such a blessing!  We did developmental therapy (DT) on Wednesday afternoon, and our therapist spent time with the girls together, and then individually, working with them on repeating words, taking turns, and I’m not sure what else since somebody had to watch the girl that wasn’t being worked with (the boys, mercifully, were invited to play at the neighbor’s).

Physical therapy (PT) was Friday morning, and a bit of a rush.  For this therapy, I need to be in the room interacting with the girls and the therapist so that she can show me how to play with the girls in ways that encourage them to meet the goals we’ve set for them.  The therapist did say that Glory will need orthotics because her ankles are very weak and roll inward.  However, while we’re still just moving toward crawling and Glory has other surgeries ahead, we’ll wait on orthotics for a while.

And speaking of Glory, perhaps our most exciting first is Glory putting herself into a sitting position!  On Wednesday morning I was pretty sure I had last seen Glory on her tummy, but there she was sitting up.  I watched out of the corner of my eye as she continued playing, and sure enough, after going back down onto her stomach, she pushed herself up, got a leg under herself, and had a seat!  We were so excited!  It was like a switch going on- Tuesday at bedtime she could not do it, and Wednesday morning she could.  She does it now at will 🙂

Glory’s new trick only just eclipses that of Jamin, who discovered last week that he can curl his tongue!  He is the first of his siblings to master that wonder.


Aaand, Saige wore pigtails for the first time last week.

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And finally, today we remember the anniversary of a really big first 🙂  On May 13, 2009, we became parents for the first time.  Here’s that post.

PS- I called the ENT last week to see if he was available to clean out Glory’s ears when she has her hand surgery next Monday.  We’re still, with hope, waiting on a response.

Happy Thanksgiving!


When you’re out of the country, Thanksgiving (and other holidays) can slip by without being noticed, or you feel them like a punch in the gut because you’re away from family, friends, festivities, and the general ‘feel’ of the holiday season.  For us, this year, it’s a bit slippery.  Jesse will work tomorrow, and the boys still have school.  Thankfully, we had a Thanksgiving celebration at the boys’ preschool, so at least we can say we observed it!

We assisted our American friends, Scott and Kerryn Shaw, in putting together a little Thanksgiving party for our sons’ classmates and their families.  First, the kids made feather headdresses, then decorated turkey cut-out cookies that Kerryn had made.  For many of them, this was their first time icing a cookie, so it was fun, messy, and generally chaotic.  After the crafts, I gave a little history lesson, and Scott told the families about the Truth using a pumpkin as an illustration.

The school provided our Thanksgiving feast, and it was unlike any I had ever eaten!  Most of it I did not recognize, and some of it I was sorry when I did!  But Kerryn had made pumpkin pie, which we ate with chopsticks, so I call it a success!

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Week one


Over all, our first week of school went well!  Tuesday was a bit rough; Emet didn’t behave at school, and Jamin didn’t behave at home, making us wonder if this was even going to work!  But things smoothed out a bit, and we’re hoping that it will become easier as we go.

We saw some great advances with language this week.  The teachers report that Jamin especially is really catching on.  And as we were reminding Emet of important words, like ‘come,’ and he knew exactly what they meant.  On Thursday, the boys were counting to four without help, and ten with a little assistance.  We are excited about this opportunity for them.

I used my free time this week to do some catching up- but not on language study!  I’m so bad!  But it was nice to connect with friends back home via skype and email, and to meet new friends here for some tea and chat.  The week really flew by!

I’ve shared lots of pictures (and still have lots of pics to share) of our adventures away from home, but thought you’d enjoy a glimpse into the creativity of our boys at play.

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The things around their waists are sleeping masks from the airplane, as are the long socks.  The goof balls also intentionally wear their tie dye shirts on the same day, increasing the number of times they are asked if they are twins.  I have, however, told them that they may not wear the same shirts to school, as it is just too confusing!

When we’re home we also swim in the hotel pool, or play with a ball in the courtyard type area between the two buildings that make up our hotel.  We’ve been trying to do a little bit of our own school work, writing our letters and learning to recognize numbers by sight.  Jamin keeps developing as an artist, and Emet’s make believe play is expanding.  I’m thankful for this time we have here, which I refer to as the calm before the storm- even as I long for the arrival of the storm!