A change of pace


Something happened yesterday.  Glory decided to walk!

We’ve known she could for a while now.  We could feel how strong and stable she was becoming, but she just wouldn’t walk without holding on to someone or something.  She’s been tearing around with her baby stroller, and can even hold the hand of a limp puppet while I hold its other hand.  But until yesterday, the most she would take was a step or two on her own.  Then, while I was in the church nursery with her, she walked on her own.  She would get a book from the shelf, turn around, and take the 4 or 5 steps to bring it to me.  We’d read it, and she’d walk back to the shelf for another book.  When church was out, we went upstairs, and she walked to her daddy.  Then she walked to our pastor.  Then she started letting go of my hand herself to take a few steps toward wherever she wanted to go!  We are so, so proud of her!  And she is proud of herself!  When she woke up this morning, she wanted her shoes on right away 🙂  She isn’t to the point she is walking exclusively, but we know that will come.  Wow, God has done great things in this little girl!


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  1. Wow! This post brought tears to my eyes. Your children are all amazing. Thanks to God for providing them with wonderful parents.

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