One year a Magnuson


Saige actually became a Magnuson on 12/11/12, but the 10th was her Gotcha Day, and it is, in fact, already the 11th in China, so the title stands.

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Our Saige Annalise came to us a serious, quiet baby who watched much and said little.  At least the first day.  Then she became this angry spitfire, constantly on the verge of a tantrum, especially when food was in sight.  Fast forward one year, and her brother dangles animal crackers in her face and she begins to sniff.  I remind her that I will give her some too, but first I have to finish changing diapers, so she holds it together and patiently waits for her “cackers.”  Then, as I brush Glory’s teeth before bed, I hear her singing away, “Jesus is with me,” reading the book of the same title.  Coming to a page she doesn’t know, she bursts into the bathroom, holding the book out to me, demanding, “Whadisay?”  Upon receiving an answer, she says, “Oh (pause to process).  Oh tay,” and marches back to her room to continue reading/singing her song.

And I go on to sing in my heart, “What a mighty God we serve!  Oh, what a mighty God we serve!”


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