Dental surgery


Glory handled her dental surgery on Wednesday like a champ!  Thank you for praying for her!  We arrived at the hospital at 5:50 AM, and got all the paperwork and pre-op stuff taken care of.  We prayed with both the dentist performing the procedure, and with the anesthesiologist.  They took her back at 7:30, and she finished up around 9.  Dr. Steinmetz, Glory’s dentist, said it took 30 minutes for the anesthesiologist to find a vein in our little girl!  Poor baby!  Thankfully, she was already gassed prior to the poking, prodding and pricking.  The procedure itself went really well, and the tooth Dr. Steinmetz was most concerned about did not have to be extracted.  In the end, Glory had 4 baby root canals and 8 caps.  Dr. Steinmetz diagnosed her as having enamel hypoplasia, which means the enamel did not properly develop on her baby teeth, which could have been caused by malnutrition, illness, fever or infection during the time of teeth formation.  Her permanent teeth will likely be just fine, but these baby teeth are very susceptible to cavities.

Glory and I arrived home around 10 AM, and she slept until 2:15.  Once she was up, she snuggled a lot, played a little, and soothed herself by sucking the back of her hand in true Glory fashion.  We were blessed to have lots of help during the day- one neighbor did both directions on our preschool carpool, and another walked Emet home for me, while a family from church brought us dinner, with a special assortment of soft foods just for Glory.  We are thankful for God’s provision in even the tiniest details.

Here's our Glory-girl, playing with the camera while waiting for her turn in the OR.  Love that grin!

Here’s our Glory-girl, playing with the camera while waiting for her turn in the OR. Love that grin!


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