Today was busy, with lots of up and downs, and left me mentally and emotionally exhausted!  It would have been a challenging day in and of itself, with two girls feeling under the weather, a PT appointment, doctors appointment, and a little boy crazy excited about his 5th birthday next week.  But in addition to all that, I was on and off the phone with doctors offices for a good bit of the day, getting alternately good and bad news.  The final result is that Glory will have dental surgery performed by our pediatric dentist on September 25, and her lip surgery will go on as scheduled on October 8 at Riley.  The plastic surgeon said no to doing both procedures in one day, but that it should not be a problem for Glory to undergo anesthesia an additional time so long as there is at least a week between the procedures.  So there we are.  We did not have to push back the lip surgery, and things are set up and ready to go.

I think what is most incredible to me about today is that our church has been doing a 40 Days of Prayer, and today was the day that the church was to specifically pray for our family.  And Who do you suppose orchestrated that?  It certainly wasn’t Leo, our church intern who composed the 40 Days of Prayer booklet we are using!  I can’t imagine what this day would have been like without so many lifting us up before the one Who Sees Me (Gen. 16:13).

We appreciate continued prayers for Glory and her health.  She has a cold, a slight fever, and is a bit grumpy (not as grumpy as Saige, however, who has the same symptoms).  Glory must be cleared by her pediatrician for the dental surgery to take place, and illness will do us no favors.

Thank you, and praise the Lord!



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  1. I’m remembering ‘back when’ and am praying for both Glory and you. Really the whole family since you all are one unit. God is Good!!

  2. I hope you rested well last night and the babies are feeling better today! Just yesterday Connor and I were talking about what we could put fun in the kids’ Halloween bags!

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