Trip to the dentist



It’s been a while.  Sorry!  Lots going on, lots to report, but really only one issue I want to address here tonight before I turn in.  Glory is scheduled for her lip repair surgery at Riley Hospital in Indy on October 8.  This is an answer to prayer because it lands right at the beginning of Emet’s 2 week fall break, so we don’t have to worry about school for the first phase of Glory’s recovery.  My mom will be coming from Colorado to help us out, and we’ve been looking forward to the surgery as the last big medical hurdle this year.  At least we were, until we visited the dentist today.

Glory has 6, possibly 8 cavities.  Can you imagine?!  My poor baby!  It is an incredible amount of decay- every one of her back teeth are affected.  Repair requires anesthesia, and must be dealt with so that the bacteria does not infect her healing lip.  I made calls today to the plastic surgeon to see if he would/could share the OR with a dentist on the 8th so both procedures could happen at the same time.  I also called the Riley Dental Team to see if it was even possible to do all that they need to do to be ready for a procedure on the 8th.  In both cases, the person on the phone needed to ask someone else, and both said they would call back tomorrow.  If using the Riley Dental Team is not an option, our local pediatric dentist is willing and available to do the procedure at the hospital in our town, but we have to get it scheduled.  There isn’t much time.

And so, we pray.  And we ask you to pray, too.  To our minds, the best option would be for Glory to receive both procedures at the same time on Oct. 8.  However, God knows best, and that is what we are asking for.  Please pray that all these details would come together in the best possible way, for our daughter Glory, and the glory of our God.  Thanks for being with us on this!  We expect great things.


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  1. Oh gosh! Thank you for the update. Even though I live just next door, and seem gone so much, I still care about you guys and your babies (all 4).
    You guys are awesome parents and make me feel good about the world. Hang in there.

  2. Oh wow! This is getting more complicated but not for God! I will be lifting little Glory up to His throne of grace, mercy and love.

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