Family o’ five!


DSCN1823We’ve got her!  Praise God, Glory Blume is with her forever family!  We sign the papers tomorrow, and it’s a done deal 🙂

Travel today was fine- in fact, the boys did extremely well.  They helped with luggage, stayed with us in the airport, and did a pretty good job of listening.  We arrived in arid Lanzhou at 1:30, and drove an hour to our hotel.  We were told we’d check in, go to our room, settle in, organize our questions, then Glory would be brought to our room.  As we entered the hotel, I noticed a man looking at us, which isn’t strange, because EVERYONE looks at us.  But then I noticed there was a woman with him, and in her arms was a baby.  My first thought was, “Well there’s another cleft baby!”  And then I realized she was my baby!

Our arms were full of luggage, I wanted to grab her, but I had told Jesse I wanted him to be the first to hold our daughters, as I was first to hold our sons, so I held off.  While Jesse was trying to get his arms free, and I was trying to get my camera, our guide, Melody, told us to go ahead and check in anyway, and Glory would be brought to our room.  The nanny and orphanage director began walking away, and the boys just followed them!  After all, she is their sister!  So we called them back, checked in, went to our room, discovered that we have been booked into a room with two twin beds and a crib, for the five of us.  We called our guide to help us sort out the situation, and when she came, she brought Glory, the orphanage director, nanny, and driver with her!

So Jesse got to hold his daughter, and the boys did their best to entertain her.  When I got my turn, she was not happy at all!  It seems in her foster home Glory had a single mom, and she is really sad not to have that mom.  At this point, I am just not an acceptable replacement.  It makes me sad that while we feel such joy, she feels such loss.  Please pray for her.

After an afternoon/evening full of passport photos, paperwork, a brief attempt at unpacking (ok, mostly digging though and dumping), and dinner, we tried to give Glory her bottle, and everything about it was wrong.  She was just so sad, and cried and cried.  As I write this, Glory is struggling to get some rest in her daddy’s arms.  Apparently she slept with her foster mom, and she does not want to be put down!

Glory likes singing.  She repeats, “lalala,” and has sung herself to sleep twice in my arms.  She is crazy smart.  During dinner we started on our sign language and I would sign and say “more” before I gave her a bite of rice.  Part way through the meal she started repeating my sounds, making a moan with an “m” sound after I said “more.”  Then she actually signed it about 3 times!  But then she quit.  So maybe she gets it, maybe she doesn’t, but we were sure impressed.

The girl seems to do nothing for herself.  She will not reach out to hold a cup, and she doesn’t try to hold her bottle.  It took her a while to feed herself the little bits of food we gave her at dinner.  She will not put her feet on the ground for anything, and when we put her on her tummy, she just cried and cried.

There was more to this post, but the internet died and it wasn’t saved.  So I’m just going to post this much, go to bed, and try to be ready for our first full day of getting to know our daughter!  Thank you God, for this gift!


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  1. Jesse, Amber, Emmet, Jamin and Glory the growing family. I am so happy for you all but am sad for Glory. But I know that she will grow to love her new family that God has put together from all the earth. I have tears right now with a lot of mixed emotion so I can only imagine what you are feeling. God bless and we love you. Maxine and Jerry

  2. I’m laughing and crying at the same time. And this line — My first thought was, “Well there’s another cleft baby!” And then I realized she was my baby! — well, that one will live on, my friend. How wonderful! I have a feeling she’ll learn quickly to be a little more independent, especially with the boys’ examples. Yippee for Glory B!!!!!!

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